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fun-to-make christmas holiday crafts (guest post)

A week or so ago I was approached by Amy, who had read my blog and asked if she could write a guest post for me. We emailed back and forth a little (thank you Amy for your patience with me!) and I am delighted to share with you the Fun-to-Make Christmas Holiday Crafts ideas that Amy has so wonderfully compiled!
All of these crafts would be ideal last minute gifts and decorations, particularly if, like me (and every knitter ever) you have an abundance of yarn lying around just waiting to be used! But enough from me - over to Amy! 
And if you want to get in touch about possibly writing a guest post as well, don't hesitate to email me -
Fun-to-Make Christmas Holiday Crafts

Christmas is the best time of the year for many reasons, but home decorating is something we all look forward to. While you are deciding on Christmas tree colours combination, consider also some modern decorating ideas for the rest of your home. Yarn is a perfect wintry choice for holiday ornaments, it fits into modern decorating trends perfectly and you can get cheap yarn online, and from various other retailers depending on which country you are in!
If you are not sure what to do with yarn, here are some suggestions.
1. Yarn-Wrapped Letter Ornaments
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For a large yarn-wrapped monogram you will need cardboard (you can use an empty cereal box), a few balls of yarn in different colours, pencil, ruler, scissors, and some tape. First, draw the letter on the cardboard, then cut it out. Use thicker cardboard to get a 3-dimensional letter. Choose three different colours of yarn. You might want to stick to the traditional Christmas red-green-white combination, or try something original. Tie the ends of the three balls together, secure them with masking tape and simply wrap the yarn around the cardboard letter.
2. Embroidery Hoop Wall Decoration
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Embroidery hoops are a very versatile DIY way to decorate your home. Even kids can get crafty with them easily. Make an embroidery hoop wreath for your door, or a photo frame. With some chalkboard fabric and a hoop, you can make clever signs for your kitchen, for example, or make a bulletin board with cork, or simply stretch a fabric in the hoop, and make art with stencils and paint. Use different sized hoops to add dynamics to your walls.

3. Yarn-Wrapped Bottle
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A little glue and some old bottles can turn into a perfect centrepiece of your holiday home. Choose the colour of yarn smartly to match your Christmas tree. You will also need some multipurpose glue to cover the surface of the bottle in order for the yarn to stay in place. Start wrapping. Do not cover the entire bottle with glue immediately because the glue will dry. Go piece by piece. Once you have wrapped the whole bottle, do not forget to add a large dab of glue to the edge of the yarn to secure it. Repeat the steps if you have more bottles.
4. Yarn-Wrapped Flatware 
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Dress up your table for the occasion. Start with flatware handles. Do it in one colour, in contrasting colours, stripped, or create the ombre effect. It looks good both on wooden or silver flatware. To create the ombre effect, pick three shades of one colour, take the darkest shade of embroidery floss first, glue its end to the back of the utensil handle and wrap about 1/3 up the handle. Continue by twisting the darkest floss with the second darkest shade, wrap them together three or four times and move on with the second darkest shade. Repeat with the third and lightest shade. 
This is just the beginning. Employ your imagination to make the most original ornaments while having fun.

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Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate with a lot of different interests in life. She and her husband love DIY projects and design. You can contact her at her Facebook page or Twitter account.


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