Thursday, 10 December 2015

knitting & stitching show - harrogate

Towards the end of November (Thursday 26th if you want to be exact) I spent the day at the Knitting & Stitching Show, in Harrogate. This was a reasonably last minute thing - I actually joined a college day trip to the show, the college I went to a few years ago and that my sister now works at (took a class coach and everything!) and I asked dad if the ticket and some pennies could be my birthday present (which was 2 days ago - oh, thank you so much! :p )

What what what an excellent choice that was! Think, comic-con, but just a little slower (I, and the rest of the college trip, we most certainly at the lower end of the age spectrum - just an observation), with fewer costumes, and filled with SO MANY MORE temptations! And also SO MUCH BIGGER - it was held at the Harrogate International Centre, and from what I could tell it filled up the whole darn centre! I think there were 6 halls in all, 5 of which were filled to bursting with knitting, crochet, dyers, spinning, needle felting, sewing, quilting (you get the picture), and 1 hall devoted to workshops and various guilds. There was a lot to look at and a lot to wander through - which is amazing, as long as you don't desperately need a wee after a 2 hour coach journey and a large flask of coffee ...

crocheted flamingo at Toft - I was told, if I remember correctly, it took 6 people a week to crochet this 6 foot (at least!) bird

The Toft stand had to be one of my most favourite stands of the show. Do you know Edward's Menagerie? I have the book, but have yet to get round to allowing myself to make something from it - just feast your eyes on all of these gorgeous toys, and sumptuous balls of wool. I almost almost almost bought myself a kit, but alas I was too 'sensible' (stupid?) for my own good.

In the end, because I don't know terribly much about Indy yarns and what to do with luxury, expensive skeins, I treated myself to two bulk packs from the 'pile up' at Black Sheep Wools (a website I know and like). I bought a Rico and a Sirdar pack, ought to get a couple of jumpers out of them one day. The lovely chap who sold them to me also knocked a little off the price, because he saw me snapping pictures and asked why. I told him about my blog (and how it's just a hobby) and also that I finished a spice of life blanket a month ago (gosh time flies) and he was kind enough to round the price down ever so slightly - not loads, but enough that I thoroughly appreciated the gesture.

mmm so - much - yarn 
I had such a wonderful day and I am delighted to report that I spent all of my birthday money on wool and fabric - as it should be for a geeky knitter, who is currently attending a Tuesday evening dressmaking course and loving it. Side note - I am working on a complicated dress which, when finished, might even be good enough to share and this little patch of internet, what do you think? 

I will definitely be wanting to attend next year's show (1st-4th December, even closer to my birthday! Coincidence?) and couldn't recommend visiting the show enough, just make sure you have plenty of pocket money saved up for it!

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