Wednesday, 30 December 2015

the geeky knitter christmas craft swap - round up!

First things first - a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all readers of the geeky knitter! I've been very quiet this and last month, mainly because I had several large Christmas presents to finish and every spare minute of my day was spent on them! I will show you some nice pictures of the best ones early January - right now I am busy preparing costumes for me and Ben; we are going to a video game themed New Year's Eve party, VERY excited!

I wanted to catch up with you all now though to let you know that the first ever craft swap that I have hosted has been a resounding success! Although I only had 10 people sign up (11 swappers including me) I got to know a lot of the participants (those I didn't already know of course), no complaints as far as I can tell, and some beautiful items were made and sent out pretty much on time! 

First I want to show you what I made and sent out to Leigh, and then a lot of swappers have kindly sent and shared pictures of all their makes and given me permission to share them with you so you can see what we got up to!
And before I get to the pictures, I will certainly be hosting more swaps next year! In a few month's time I think I will have an international geeky-themed swap (theme to be finalised) so watch this space, and also another Christmas swap will be had next year.
The items I sent:
A hand coloured Christmas Card, using black ink pen.
A mildy terrifying crocheted Bulbasuar (I couldn't get the eyes!!) - you can find the pattern here.
Knitted cable beret - inspired by Mary Margaret's hats in the first season of Once Upon a Time. This was the 'big' knitted gift in the swap and I really hope Leigh likes it/got the OUaT reference! You can find the pattern here.
Knitted Christmas bauble - a pattern from my Arne & Carlos book 55 Christmas Balls to Knit
Some extra stationary bits and pieces
 Some other items that were sent:
Cath sent to Joan
Elise sent to Philippa
Just some of what Joan sent to Cath
Leigh sent to Tina
Just some of what Marc sent to Rhiannon.
Tina sent to me - I love it all!
Phewee - what a fantastic haul, don't you think? Everyone has put some spectacular thought and effort into the swap and I am so delighted with how everyone got on! I really can't wait to sort another craft swap in 2016, and once again thank you to everyone who took part this year - well done guys! 

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