Tuesday, 5 January 2016

fo: mossing around

Pattern - 150-40 Mossing Around
Yarn - DROPS Nepal (light olive)
Ravelry project page - here

I cast this on because I needed a hat for my Legend of Zelda Link costume, for the video game themed fancy dress party I attended on New Year's day (so still successfully sticking to the crafty plan as this was completed on 31 December, phew). I had also bought the yarn to knit a Christmas gift for a friend, but (silly of me) she is vegan and so I didn't want to risk giving her a woollen gift. Providence smiled in the end because the green wasn't very festive, but was perfect for Link's hat and meant I didn't need to cut up an old dress to make the hat in time for the party.

(Yes yes, I know green is a 'traditional' Christmas colour - but when I received the wool it didn't look like it would make a good pair of slippers, as originally intended.)

The hat is a wonderful slouchy fit and worked in a terrifically pleasing double moss stitch, meaning you work two rows k1, p1 and then two rows p1, k1. You get the wonderful texture that comes with moss stitch (I love moss stitch, as evidenced in the scarves I like to knit) but it also creates a diamond effect that looks like you had to do so much more to achieve.

It was so easy and fast to work up; knit flat, easy pattern, simple reductions over garter stitch to finish and sew up! The only problem I have with the pattern is that it doesn't take the time to tell you how to decrease each row, just that terrifically annoying 'decrease 15 stitches evenly over next row' - really, you have the stitch count, I'm not what I used to be with Maths, help a knitter out! So some of decreases aren't as even as they should be, but I don't think you can tell.

In the defence of the pattern writer though, I was lazy and full of a cold when I knit the hat and didn't take the time to work out the decreases properly like I usually do, so my bad. 

And so I'm really delighted that this hat turned out so well. It looked great at the party (look out on Instagram for some pics) but looks smart and neat enough that I can, and indeed have, wear(ing) it out and about, particularly as it is slowly getting colder, finally. It fits really well and stays on my head in a way a slouchy hat never has!

Ben was photographer this day - his method is lots of 'candid' shots - or letsgetJennywhensheisntlookingsogood! 

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