Friday, 15 January 2016

people have been crocheting deadpool

If you can't guess from the title of this post, while hunting on Ravelry for a new jumper knitting pattern (like we all do even though we have a million other things to finish), I saw that the Deadpool pattern had a few projects linked to it. To my utter delight I've seen that people have been making him, finishing him, and one person even combined the pattern with my Spiderman amigurumi! Which is interesting as I was originally going to model Deadpool on him myself, but opted for a different approach. 

You can keep up to date with how people are getting on with their own Deadpool's here. In the meantime I'm feeling a little proud and wanted to share the pictures on here too! Hope you will find everyone's variations on the pattern as interesting as I have.
photo credit Doll-Baby
Above is Ravelry user Doll-Baby's Deadpool, crocheted for her husband. I think he look's absolutely fantastic and really a lot like mine, which makes me happy that the pattern must be understandable :)

photo credit thisCindyknits
Ravelry user thisCindyknits combined the Deadpool pattern with the Spiderman one and I think he looks absolutely perfect. Now I want to remake him like this, he looks extra mischievous hanging round the fireplace. 

photo credit dynamitekiddo
This is such an excellent interpretation of Deadpool - Ravelry user dynamitekiddo modified the pattern to make him smaller, and got rid of the legs to make this awesome doll that kind of reminds me of a nesting doll - do you know what I mean? I also can't get enough of those eyes!

People have also been making other patterns of mine as well, such as the Moogle (check out projects here) and the Owl Hat (projects here), but Deadpool was something I was so so excited to finish only a few months ago I'm just really excited. 

Plus the film is out IN A MONTH!! Getting super in the mood :) any more Deadpool/Marvel fans out there excited too?

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