Sunday, 14 February 2016

fo: olivier the elephant

Pattern - Olivier
Yarn - black and white DK yarn from stash
Ravelry project page - here

Do you remember Nelly the elephant? Lord she was almost 2 years ago now! Well if you recall I made her for a friend, who liked her so much that before Christmas she requested I crochet her another elephant to give as a gift this Valentines Day. I finished Olivier last month and sent him down to London to be with his new owner, who should have him by now, so it's ok to introduce you.

I considered using the same pattern from All About Ami (translated) as I did for Nelly, however my friend ordered a black and white elephant, so I knew using a pattern which had separate body parts would be the best way to make a neat black and white elephant. Plus I always prefer trying new patterns.

Why black and white you say? Well it's all part of a story that occurred a few months ago and isn't really my place to retell, but it's now an in-joke referring to 'the elephant in the room' which makes for a cute (slightly jokey), personal Valentine's Day gift.

I say cute, I think the pattern is quite adorable. It is a free pattern which is very easy to follow. In order to personalise the colours I simply decided before I started which sections of his body should be black and white (trying to have each colour touching the other rather than itself) and got on with it. I only had to make one colour change on the body so it was truly a black and white elephant, rather than say a black elephant with white limbs. I used slightly too-large safety eyes to finish, mainly because they were what I had in the house, and also my personal preference is against small beadlike objects.

Give his large eyes I'd say he's come out rather well, and hopefully his new owners agree! There's just a lot of character in the shape of this pattern which translates very well into the amigurumi, and I would recommend it for any elephant fans. 

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