Saturday, 27 February 2016

fo: stash buster blanket

 Ravelry project page - here
One of this month's crafty plans was to finish my stash buster blanket - and I managed this a little over 2 weeks ago. It's taken a long time to find the right light and time to take the pictures (that I could manage) and finally share this epic project with you. 

I started the blanket in July 2015 when I stumbled across this project on Ravelry and immediately wanted something like this blanket for myself. I wanted to make it as colourful as I possibly could, but didn't want to buy any extra yarn as I desperately needed (and, admittedly, still need) to make a significant dent in my yarn stash - hence the name of the blanket. I have a crazy amount of double knit weight yarn stashed, and lots and lots of colours I either had no idea what to use for, or not enough for a single project, so easy peasy off I went. 
I didn't do a tension square as, being a personal project to use up lots of yarn and a giant blanket I figured it wouldn't matter too much! I used a3.5mm crochet hook, and the finished blanket is 215 cm x 215 cm large (without blocking - way too big for that!). 

Apart from using the project on Ravelry as a guide, I didn't follow any set pattern. I started off aiming to make 6 large, traditional granny squares as in the original project to make the blanket, and finished my first square working 26 rounds in different colours. Having decided on the size for the square I thought that 9 might make a nicer blanket, and by nicer I mean giant and cuddly and easier to wrap myself in when its cold! 9 would also make a well-sized, square blanket which would easily cover a double bed spread or the back of a sofa better than a single bed sized blanket would. 

The colours I chose as I went along, with little/no planning at all. I was aiming purely to use up yarn, to make the blanket as colourful as I could, and I didn't want to worry about planning or anything like that, and considering the blanket was just for myself that seemed fair enough. It worked out pretty well. I did plan 2 of the squares a little more than the rest, because I opted to make them more patterned in an attempt to use up some colours that I had the most of (browns, pinks, and camouflage yarn I bought from a charity shop years ago). 

Now that the blanket is finished I probably wouldn't have done those 2 planned squares as I prefer the others considerably more, however I still love the blanket!

I joined the squares together using a simple, right side line of single crochet (UK double crochet) with pink yarn, using the step by step guide on Cherry Heart Crochet Corner. I then did a border of pink double crochet (UK triple crochet) around the whole blanket, followed by a border of navy double crochet to finish the blanket and just frame all the squares together. 

Super super happy with how this blanket turned out. I probably need to make 3 more to make a significant dent in the stash, but hey ho I made an effort :) perhaps it's finally time to attempt to make a granny square jacket? Just one for round the house though if its to look like the blanket above me thinks. 

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