Monday, 8 February 2016

online knitter of the year 2016

I am so delighted to tell you (if you hadn't already heard on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) that I have been awarded, along with 4 others, the award of Online Knitter of the Year in a competition hosted by Knit Now magazine! 

This was a competition that was open to readers before Christmas, and of course I entered the blog, along with 100 words as to why I thought I deserved to win. I quite cheerfully forgot all about the competition after hoping for a few weeks, and then 2 or 3 weeks ago I received an email from Kate Heppell (the editor) informing me that I had won! She asked that all winners keep hush hush until Issue 57 was sent out to subscribers on 1st February, and then the exciting tweet above meant I could start telling everyone!

there's my name!
As well as having my name and blog link printed in the magazine, I've also won a trip to Sirdar in West Yorkshire - which times beautifully with this month's crafty challenge, in that the cardigan I want to knit will be done using their super bulky Faroe yarn (I've knit hats with this before and do enjoy using it and how it looks). I don't know when the trip will be yet, but if I can get my skates on perhaps I can model the cardigan there. 

I will also be featured in a future issue of the magazine and will be able to attend a photo shoot. Finally I get to use the rather lovely button on my blog to the right there.

Thank you to Kate and Knit Now for this honour, I am still so excited and delighted and can't quite believe it! Stay tuned for more information about what I get up to on the back of this, and welcome to all new readers of the geeky knitter - I hope you enjoy my blog! :)

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