Tuesday, 1 March 2016

february crafting update, and crafty plans for march

Every month I aim to set myself, and complete, a ‘crafty challenge’ – a personal goal to help improve my knitting and crochet, and to embolden me to react to all the patterns and inspiration that is available on the internet! By sharing this with you I feel more encouraged to branch out and do these challenges by the end of the same month, and hopefully you will be interested in what I am working. Perhaps it will help inspire you to try something new as well?
February has been a pretty productive month craftily speaking -  something I feel very pleased about considering that I was ill in bed for almost a week, and also had a mini-holiday with Ben in York for 4 days (BLISS!) in which I drank too many cocktails to knit effectively. I set myself 2 goals - I completed one and made a significant start on the other!

Finish the stash buster blanket
As you can see in the picture above, voilĂ ! I finished the blanket about half-way through February and you can read more about it, and see plenty more colourful pictures, on the blog post I've written about it. I'm actually sat with the blanket over my legs right now and I am really delighted with it! Lots of lovely compliments have been paid too which is so lovely, thank you guys!
Knit (or start) a chunky cabled cardigan
Now this is a heck of a lot more exciting than I intended it to be! If you read my post about this project earlier in the month, you'll have read that, being unable to find a good enough pattern for the yarn and what I envisioned, I've instead decided to knit my own cardigan, with no pattern and only copying a cardigan I really like which my friend Sophie owns. I'm calling this the Sophie Cardigan and I have now completed the back panel. I'm waiting to make a start on the front panels before I share some more updates with you. 
And so, to this month's plans. I've again decided to set myself two goals, as well as working on other things (such as the Sophie Cardigan) as I go. 

Crochet another baby Pokemon 
If you recall, last year I crocheted quite a number of Pokemon. My favourites are easily the baby Pokemon designed by Evelyn Pham - she designs perfect amigurumi based on things that I love (Disney, Pokemon, Totoro, Spirited Away eeeep you absolutely need to follow her on Instagram by the way) - and I've already made Eevee and Squirtle. I would love to make all the Eeveelutions and so this month I want to get on with that and work on Jolteon.  
List at least 2 new products on our Etsy shop 
If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I was working on something a little different, with a view to selling it on Etsy. I've not listed it yet because I'm struggling to get good pictures, but I aim to do better this month (more daylight!) and while I'm at it I have a few ideas that I need to just get behind, get the momentum, and start filling up mine and Ben's Etsy shop more. 
Don't forget, we already have plenty up for sale and you can always find our shop via the button on the right!
Have you got any crafty plans for this month?

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