Wednesday, 9 March 2016

yarn along

Well goodness me, I haven't done a yarn along post since November when I finished the Spice of Life blanket. I've been focussing more on finished off posts, but I realised yesterday that, this month, last month, and I am sure in the coming months, all of my projects are pretty big ones and the gaps between my blog posts are widening somewhat. What better way to get back on track than to jump back on Ginny's weekly yarn along

Any die hard readers out there (if there are any) may recall, if they try very very hard to, that I sort-of off-hand mentioned a knitted blanket that has forever been in my WIP pile. I started this blanket in my final year of university (2013) and I must say that since May 2014 not too much has changed. I've been knitting the odd square again for the blanket, and I'm sure my interest in this will falter again shortly but best to cultivate it while I can!

Who's that Pokemon?! Well it's not too much of a surprise as crocheting this little guy is one of my crafty plans for March. So here you see the progress I'm making on Baby Jolteon - I do love Evelyn's patterns so much and aspire to write my own as great as hers one day!

I'm also slowly working my way up the front 2 panels of my Sophie Cardigan - I've opted for 2 cables on each panel, and working both panels at the same time, so progress is understandably slow!

Completely unrelated to knitting or crochet as well, I'm sewing myself this Fairy Tale Cape using some lovely brown wool-like fabric, and a cheerful lining (with little images of forest creatures!) which I hope to show you in a week or so once finished. It should be great to wear, once spring starts peeping out of hibernation - did anyone else have crazy snow last Friday? 

I'm currently reading Ship of Magic (Book 1 of The Liveship Traders trilogy) by Robin Hobb. This is an epic fantasy, centred around a Liveship trader family, while following the tales of other characters in the world (sea serpents included!). Liveships are fashioned out of 'wizardwood' and, once 'quickened', they become self-aware and almost alive. This is a wonderful story, filled with great characters and character development, and well-balanced between men and women and the various struggles they face in the world created by Hobb. It's a bit of a beast (I'm currently on page 566 of 880) but once you get drawn it it's totally worth it! Big recommendation for epic fantasy fans, and anyone looking for a great female author.

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