Wednesday, 16 March 2016

yarn along

I'm always slightly disappointed if, when Wednesday rolls around, the day isn't especially windy, because I do love to channel Winnie the Pooh in wishing everyone a happy 'winds-day'. I ought not to complain: the sun is shining here in Stockport and has been for a couple of days (vastly lifting my day to day mood, even though I love winter - bizarre I know) - but its the little things that help carry use through hump-day. 

As lacking as we are in windy weather, at least I can wish you a happy yarn along day!

Even though I've set myself both a personal, and a 'productive' (i.e. design/money saving related) crafty goal for this month, nothing will stop me when I see something, or have an idea, and need to start work on it as soon as I possibly can - to the point I sketch and work out dimensions at my desk at work while wishing I could get started at home. I've designed a geeky baby-sized blanket which I am furiously working on during my morning and evening commute as I want to show you all as soon as possible - I think it should be pretty neat!

So, I've started this new design project, while still picking up the Sophie Cardigan on the odd evening (man the cable's are really just enveloping my life - I must update you on that soon) and baby Jolteon has sort of fallen to the wayside. He at least doesn't have much left to do before he is finished so that's fine.  

I just want (need) to crochet so many of these mini-squares!

If my maths is correct, I will need (either) 300 or 228 squares - all will be revealed in due course. 

My Instagram followers will also have seen the progress I've been making on my Fairy Tale Cape - this is a big sewing project, but still worth mentioning because it's taking up a lot of my time (in a good way!). I've also cut the pieces for a pair of lounge trousers at my weekly dressmaking class, and I swear I've never been more excited to see pattern pieces on the table! Hopefully they will be good enough to show you when they are finished. 

I'm still making my way through Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb. Over 750 pages in, the story is getting much more complex and tense, and the end is in sight. After a long book I usually like to break it up with a short easy book, but I might just have to progress straight onto book 2 of the trilogy! I need to know what happens with the ship, it's all building up to something ...

Be sure to find me on Goodreads - particularly you fantasy and historical fiction fans!

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