Wednesday, 23 March 2016

yarn along

I promise you, it won't just all be yarn along posts for much longer on the blog! I've been very busy at work this past week (MUCH busier than is usual) and so haven't had the heart, or the inclination, to get back on the computer at the end of the day to do my blogging. As a result though, I've made significant progress in some of my larger projects, which should mean there are plenty of finished off posts coming your way, and even an exciting free, geeky crochet tutorial on the horizon!

I have been having a lot of fun on Pinterest though recently - I mean, I always do, but I'm going crazy for Pokemon Crochet at the moment and need to make more - must finish Jolteon first!

As ever, I'm linking up to Ginny's weekly Yarn Along (though last week I actually forgot to add my link - duh - so if you missed last week's update you can find it here).

I've made some significant progress up the front panels of the Sophie Cardigan - finally I know. Enough so that I will write a more detailed post on this at the weekend. I never tire of the wool that I am currently using, it feels so lovely and the colours are just the right amount of fun :)

The grand total of squares for the secret project is now at 199 (man I wish I did one more yesterday so I could say 200!!). I am just about 20 or so short from being ready to put this together, (with the option at another 70 more ... ) but I've given you a sneak peak of what to expect when it all comes together. Going to put some films on this weekend and weave in all those ends. Oh god, all those ends!!

I've finished the first book of The Liveship Trader trilogy by Robin Hobb, and so begins book two The Mad Ship. WELL what excitement the first book ended on. Hobb finished the first book off just enough that I'm not left frustrated that I desperately need to get on book two straight away, but enough happened at the climax to keep me in awe and, with characters becoming more in some ways and less in others, I'm intrigued to find out what will be happening and how more lives will become entwined. 

Find me on Goodreads.

In other news, I finished House of Cards Series 4 a few days ago - pheeewwweeeee, the Underwoods never fail to entertain while simultaneously make me feel uncomfortable at what I'm watching, and grossly fascinated. The series ended on SUCH a note (no spoilers!) and I'm cursing the inevitable long wait we have for series 5 now. 

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