Tuesday, 19 April 2016

fo: baby espeon doorstop

Pattern - Baby Espeon by Evelyn Pham  
Yarn - Stylecraft Special Aran (lavender) 

Ravelry project page - here

Not long after I had finished baby Jolteon, I received a Facebook message from a friend of mine asking me whether I would be able to make one the the Eeveelutions as a doorstop. He and his girlfriend and just moved and he had this idea for an Eevee or Espeon doorstop. The way that Evelyn's patterns are flat on their tummy actually make the design perfect for such a thing, so I got my thinking cap on and said I would do it!

The original patterns are worked in aran weight yarn, but use a much smaller hook than I would naturally go for when crocheting (3.75mm), so previously I have used a 4mm hook and double knit yarn when making Evelyn's patterns. These have come out great, but too small to be doorstops really, so I up-scaled what I usually do and went for a 5mm hook and aran yarn (Stylecraft's colour selection never let's me down with yarn choice!).

The pattern, as ever, was perfect and great to follow. It grew quickly and the shapes are all simple but detailed enough in the right places (an increase for the nose, a decrease for the cheek - that sort of thing), and you're told where each cast off end should be so you know how to stuff and sew everything together. In order to weight the amigurumi so that it would work as a doorstop, I stuffed probably two thirds of the body, arms and legs with toy stuffing, and the rest with decorative stones, the kind you see in a bowl in a hotel lobby or such like. They were small and smooth and we had an abundance in the house for some reason! They worked very well to weigh Espeon down.

As doorstops go, the finished Espeon is still perhaps on the small side, and I couldn't stuff it with as many stones as I would like so it isn't as heavy as doorstops can usually be. Proportionally however it all worked very well, and it managed to keep my bedroom door open!

My friend seemed very happy with Espeon and he assured me his doors are quite light too, so it should do the trick! Doing this has helped me learn a thing or two, so perhaps if you decide to make a Pokemon doorstop I would perhaps suggest the following,
  • double up the aran yarn (make sure you chose a durable acrylic or cotton as it will be on the door)
  • up the crochet hook to 6mm or 6.5mm to get a better size, though check you don't have too many gaps in the crochet 
  • stuff the doorstop with something heavier than the decorative stones I used - a bag of steel shot or something like that? Rice might work if in a bag but be cautious that it stays dry/won't attract animals
All in all, very happy with how this turned out and I sort of want to make it again so I can have one! I do have extra lavender yarn left over, but I might just make that into a smaller Espeon so that Jolteon and Eevee have a friend :)

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