Monday, 11 April 2016

in which I ate 4 cinnamon rolls in one day

Really though, doesn't that title just speak volumes to you? It was the best-worst realisation on Sunday. Wake up early, bake some fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and come some time early evening that realisation that, if you are going to bake a dozen rolls for breakfast for two people, you have to take one for the team and just spend the day eating them (and I didn't even go for a run - oops!). 

It was some much needed comfort eating though, I don't mind admitting that. But it rounded off just an excellently chilled weekend, and I have two left with my name on them waiting for me this evening mm mm mmmmmm.
For my Instagram followers you will have noticed that I've actually baked these before - just a few weeks ago in fact. I dream about these rolls, they work so well and taste oh-so-delightfully-bad for you! You can find the recipe here, they truly are a dieters nightmarish delight! 

And so started my terrific Sunday, which was filled with baking and eating and knitting and crochet and gardening. Sure, there were household chores sprinkled in there, and a measly attempt at exercise on the bike while I watched Bleach, but it was just a great day with Ben doing nothing except what I wanted (and perhaps applying for a job in the evening). 
pepper seedlings

My chives and peppers are doing pleasingly well on the windowsill so far. There are also some tomatoes, carrots, courgettes and mint yet to be planted, and some sunflowers for outside. I've really got the gardening bug after I was so successful with my first attempt last year. Ben was a super star and helped clear a weed-ridden flower bed at the front too, and I planted some seeds that Aldi promises me will make an overflowing and colourful patch of flora. One can only hope this goes well. 

Oh, the Sophie Cardigan - I knit so much on Saturday and I've finally finished the pesky front panels! There is a v-neck and everything (if you look closely and kindly - an update will be soon to follow) and it's now onto the sleeves. I'm anticipating that, as with everything else, I will start, get very far. and have to rip it all back for some as yet unknown reason. I sincerely hope not, but that seems to be my design process. Plus, I have no idea how to do sleeves without a pattern so hopefully the internet will have a few tricks up it's ... no, I won't put you through that painful pun.

I spent most of yesterday working on a really cool idea, which a friend of mine commissioned from me. There will be more about it in the yarn along on Wednesday, but it's basically an Espeon (Pokemon) doorstop, and I think it will work really well so once it's finished I might have to make another for myself. It's (unsurprisingly) based on one of Evelyn's excellent patterns - I can't wait to show you!

It's been a creative, eating sort of weekend for me these last couple of days - the sort of break you need from work and going out sometimes. It certainly set me up brightly for this week, after I've been in stump with work and the daily grind. I'm really excited to show you all the things I've been working on, now they are taking a much better shape, and I have the baking-bug which I am only going to encourage in myself. I had best learn to love running and quick if that's the case though :) 

Tell me, what is your favourite thing to bake and eat too much of? And then what do you knit to burn off the calories??

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