Monday, 25 April 2016

the cardigan (almost) has sleeves!

Pretty much a month to the day later, I'm finally onto the next update on the Sophie Cardigan. I had my second (fourth) wind this week and have knit about halfway up the sleeves! Do not be deceived - the picture above actually shows two sleeves. No no you aren't going crazy, one is beneath the other because, honestly, I couldn't photograph them very well sitting next to each other. 

sleeve detail - c6b cable and moss stitch
I put off the sleeves for a pretty long time because I was scared of the maths involved in working them out. I'm still not convinced I've done it right, but you can only re-read articles on knitting and maths so many times before you are in danger of pulling your hair out in confusion and just say 'dammit I just need to knit!' I used this article to help me work out what I needed to do. I've drawn diagrams and taken measurements, but ended up just diving in! I'm still not sure what to do when I get to the sleeve cap, but I'm going to worry about that when I get there in another 35 rows or so, and I think I will manage it :) seeing them grow (and testing them on my arms) is filling me with quiet confidence that I can get this done! Perhaps not by the end of this month, but within a couple of weeks no doubt. 

Part of the delay is that I will run out of yarn before I finished the sleeve (booooooo) but I've ordered some more (yay!) so all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well, as my old college principle used to say (Aquinas College - represent!).

Here you can see the front panels are now finished in all their glory, and darn it if they don't just look like the front of a cardigan I would like to wear!The button band will be going on very last thing, along with the neck band, and although they are possible still a little on the narrow side, I don't care because they look right and the length is correct which (surely) is more important?

And let's be honest, the most exciting update for the Sophie cardigan progress has to be that Ben bought me this AMAZING bag which I am now using as the project bag, Get your butts to Tesco if you want one too (they also have The Force Awakens too, which I have, and a classic Storm Trooper bag - I'm pretty certain £1 each!).

With any luck, the next update will be the FO post! Watch this space :)

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