Wednesday, 13 April 2016

yarn along

Welcome to Wednesday, hump day, or better yet - yarn along day! Last night I went round to Sophie's for the evening (yes, THE Sophie, THE inspiration behind the cardigan I keep prattling on about!) and we dubbed it, along with her sister, #tippletuesday - because wine was sorely needed (I mean, when is it ever not?). I really think this will catch on as a craze, expect to see it trending on Twitter in your country any day now - most likely next Tuesday. 

I've got the bug back for crochet Pokemon. I'm working on an Espeon doorstop for a friend who's commissioned one. It was a stroke of genius on his part! I wasn't sure how much yarn I would need, so hopefully I've ordered 2 balls and 1 remains untouched, so I may just have to make another for myself. Expect a more thorough look on how this guy came together next week!

Ah, the beekeeper quilt. Pretty much every knitter has one on the go, right? I haven't knitted a hexipuff in over 2 years *looks appropriately ashamed of myself*. Over Christmas when I was ordering yarn for orders, Wool Warehouse were selling these limited yarns in gorgeous colours, and really cheaply, that just so happen to be 4-ply yarn ... so now I've bought more yarn for the quilt I need to get my but in gear if I am ever to knit over 300 of these things. 
*UPDATE the guage on the cotton yarn is all wrong, so I won't be using the beautiful colours for the quilt, I will instead have to come up with some other ingenious plan for them :) alas.

On the reading front, I have finally finished The Mad Ship, and wowee was it amazing! If you are an epic-fantasy fan, and you haven't tried Robin Hobb yet, DO IT! The second book just got better and better, and I can't wait to read up on all the character's stories (which I find is always a danger in a book with multiple points of view - think A Song of Ice and Fire). Everything is just tumbling and spiralling in the best way and I can't wait to dive straight into the third book of The Liveship Trader's Trilogy, Ship of Destiny. I'm anticipating magic and heartbreak and swashbuckling adventure *shivers with delight*. 

I'm also getting myself back into playing video games, and just started Final Fantasy XIII again last night - I'm sorry if this is sacrilegious, but it is my favourite Final Fantasy game (right up there with IX) and playing it is getting me excited at the prospect of cosplaying as Lightning again at the next comic con. 

Happy knitting and reading everyone!! What are you working on this week?

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