Wednesday, 27 April 2016

yarn along

You are probably really tired of reading about the Sophie cardigan and the maddeningly slow progress (I feel like) I've been making on it. But that's pretty much what I've been knitting this week, so that's what I'm showing you today! The sleeves are dangerously close to the sleeve cap shaping now, so I'll need to brave the working out of that next, but as ever I am tentatively optimistic, and I might not even need to rip back any of the sleeves which is a shocker I can tell you. My yarn order came yesterday too, so newly replenished I've got my finger's crossed that this sucker will be finished within a week!

I finally finished The Liveship Traders trilogy (Robin Hobb) and it was brilliant! Everything came together fairly quickly towards the end, but I rather enjoyed that after the thousands of pages of build up and tension and talk of destiny. The story is so rich and emotional and there is clearly so much more yet to happen, I will be reading the follow up books she has written, but for now I need an epic-fantasy break. I spotted Moon Over Soho in Waterstones for £1 and the dust cover describes the book as 'What would happen if Harry Potter grew up and joined the fuzz', so how could I say no? I've discovered this is actually a second in a trilogy so I've dived in pretty blind, but the writing style is quite witty and I'm sure I'm picking up the important bits enough to understand the story. It's not my usual book, but trying something a little different before I go back to the many tales Hobb has to offer. 

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