Wednesday, 4 May 2016

a look back at what I've been up to, and happy Star Wars day!

May the 4th be with you - always ...

representing A New Hope at work
Star Wars bag

Ah, even though Star Wars Day is just a pun-day (oh nice, if I do say so myself!) I do like to get a little giddy with it, and this year I'm wearing a classic poster t-shirt (thank you Lucy!), carrying my dark side tote bag, and Jedi Totoro is doing the rounds with me at work and while I potter about. I plan on watching at least 2 of the films tonight if I can manage it (sorry die-hards, I do love The Phantom Menace so that's probably one!) and I bought The Force Awakens on blu-ray at the weekend, but I've already watched that twice since then, don't want to over watch it too soon. 

Jedi Totoro
Now it's usually about this time in the month that I will let you know how my crafty plans got on, and what I am aiming to do this month. In April if you recall I switched up the style a little and made my goals a little more informal, and threw a life goal in there too. 

Finish the Sophie Cardigan

GUYS this IS FINISHED!! But where is the photographic, joyous proof I hear you ask? Well, the cardigan is knitted and sewn together, but it's not steamed, the ends aren't woven in, and I was supposed to buy buttons last Saturday but got distracted at a splendid cocktail bar in Manchester, so the shop was closed by the time I got there - oops. But fear not, a final update will be forthcoming!

Craft for pure pleasure

I killed two birds with one stone on this one, as it turned out I really fell in love with working on the Sophie Cardigan again once I'd worked out all the uncomfortable maths. So TV and chilling was had!

Find a new job

OH I was so close, I had a really great interview for a job I really wanted, but unfortunately I didn't get it - lost out to someone more experienced. As much of a bummer that that is, they were very praising of my interview and application and said I couldn't improve on that, so they will keep me in mind for future roles, so the door isn't totally closed on that one. But I am so ready to move on and face something new, I will keep looking and just hope the positive thinking works again this month (only better). 

So you see, it all worked reasonably well, but I'm in a bit of a stump with working life at the moment, and its all seeping into my moods and what not. So in the interest of not worrying myself, this month I won't set any goals in the hopes that my creative juices will flow and I will have lots to talk to you about anyway! And then in June I hope to organise my second ever craft swap! So a month without 'deadlines' will help the thought process on that I am sure!

Hope you all get to enjoy the sunshine today, and watch as many Star Wars films as you can!!

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