Thursday, 26 May 2016

fo: sophie cardigan

Pattern - my own, based on an M&S Chunky cardigan, owned by my friend Sophie!
Yarn - Sirdar Faroe Chunky (rockpool)

Cable charts - back (celtic cable)front (cable cushion), sleeves simple c6b
Ravelry project page - here

IT IS FINISHED! Thank you to everyone for your patience and interest in the ongoing project that has been the Sophie Cardigan! I've been giving you steady updates and hints and sneak peaks for ages now, and I've had to rip back many a section and learn how to do a lot of new things. But I hope you will agree that it's all be worth it!

The whole point, after all, in attempting this project was never just to knit a cardigan I fancied the look of, but to test how far my knitting and design skills have come along and to see if I'm at a point where if I fancy something, I can just make it without a pattern - and I can!! It takes a long time and many mistakes, but over time that will change :)

It's chunky, it's cabled, and it's colourful! I am so happy with the finished project! I've even managed to wear it a couple of times already, because apparently we here in England really don't know how to stay summer. 

You can find more notes on the Ravelry page - including some helpful links to how I learned to shape the sleeve caps and even the sleeves themselves. The sleeves were easily the more difficult section to knit, because they had to slot into the cap which I had shaped through knitting the front and back panels.  I think my maths may have been slightly off, as the sleeves are quite a bit baggier in proportion to the rest of the cardigan. It is supposed to be an oversized cardigan but the sleeves are just a little too big. Perhaps if I were a perfectionist I would re-do them ... naah!

Above you can see the detail on the sleeves and the front panels, and below a close up of a section of the back. The base of the cardigan is moss stitch, and the cable patterns you can find linked at the top of this post if you like the look of them and what to have a go yourself! The small cables on the arms and front of the cardigan are just worked over 6 stitches.

The grey buttons have little flecks of yellow in them - just a lovely little detail you perhaps can't see -and I bought them from Abakhans in Manchester. You can shop online as well.

If you want to read more about how I knitted the cardigan, do be sure to look through the Sophie Cardigan label on the blog. I am considering putting together a one-size tutorial for the cardigan (if I can face working my way through my pencilled notes!!) but I am eager to focus on some other things in the meantime. I am also part way through a baby blanket commission for a friend so need to get my skates on with that!

I hope you like the cardigan as much as I do, and thank you for following me through the muddled journey of it - here is to the next made up item!!

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