Tuesday, 10 May 2016

online knitter of the year - profile!

Hello everyone! How are tricks? I've recently become addicted to an amazing podcast - Anna Faris is Unqualified - and if you like podcasts, or have always fancied getting into them, I can't recommend this one enough! Anna Faris is hilarious, and its great to hear her talk to her friends (such as Chris Evans, Aubrey Plaza, Jenny Slate - so many awesome names) about real life. Their aim is to try and give relationship advice, but its all very honest, entertaining and thoughtful - advice is given as if to friends and not as a therapist or agony aunt. An added bonus is that Chris Pratt, Anna's husband of course, makes the occasional appearance! 

But that's not really what I wanted to talk about today - I just need you to look it up!

While you are looking that up you should also check out the current issue of Knit Now magazine - which features my Online Knitter of the Year profile! Yippee!!

I get a whole page to myself in the magazine and I've been carrying the magazine around and oh-so-artfully letting it drop open to that page here and there, all very tastefully done you understand. Kate Heppell sent me some questions, and late on a Sunday night I bashed out my answers and was a little giddy, so some of my sentences read rather dramatically (I will let you find out which ;p) but all in all I'm sure I come across to the readers as someone they want to look up and read more about (oh man I hope so!!)

Perhaps you are a new reader of The Geeky Knitter, stumbled along because I was in the magazine - if so, hello! Welcome to my corner of world wide data, and I hope you're here to stay :)

If you fancy reading the magazine itself, filled with some excellent patterns as always by the way, you can purchase the magazine online, or pop into Sainsburys, or Hobbycraft,, WHSmiths undoubtedly and maybe perhaps Tesco? It's all on the website.!

A HUGE thank you to Kate, and Knit Now magazine for having me in this issue, I'm really pleased and honoured, and I can't wait for the trip to Sirdar in June!

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