Wednesday, 18 May 2016

yarn along

Well well well, if it isn't Wednesday again - the days just seem to melt by. I'm working on several things at once, all on the verge of being finished, so I can share a new pattern or post with you (just another day or so, then I will do a new blog post - yeah, right). Yet here we are again, and instead I'm just telling you what I'm up to. Whetting your appetites with promises of what's to come (eventually - cross my heart!). I'm sure you don't mind, really, though - right?

As usual, this post is linking up with Ginny's yarn along - if you've come along through her blog please say hello and leave your link for me and readers!

I've started working on (yet another) project for which I am making the design up for. This, however, is something I've wanted to do for ages, and I hope it will be my first amigurumi pattern to sell (you can find all my free patterns here). It will hopefully be a rather chibi-esqu dragon, (the start of a line of a few patterns and characters) and you can see above the head and the beginnings of the body starting to take shape. As this will be a pattern I hope to sell, I fancy having some testers/giveaways on other blogs; if you would be interested let me know!

I've finished reading the Assassin's Apprentice, and so have moved onto the second in the Farseer Trilogy, Royal Assassin. The first book was really enjoyable to read, with some great twists towards the end (some I could see, some that were a complete surprise - a nice balance) and a pretty satisfying ending, I felt, for a first book of a series. I've started the second with high expectations, so hopefully this will deliver! If you're on Goodreads, do add me as a friend - particularly if you like fantasy, historical, or young adult distopian novels.

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