Tuesday, 7 June 2016

it's ok to slow down - there are too many ideas in my head!

This year, lots of exciting things have been happening for this blog; I won Online Knitter of the Year (Knit Now), my patterns are taking off in popularity on Pinterest (particularly Deadpool and the Owl Hat) and I've recently been approached by a couple of people about how they would like to work with me and my blog which, if I can put my mind to properly, will be wonderful!
Ben and me at Slam Dunk Festival, Leeds (28 May 16) - AMAZING day
Ben also has a job that he really enjoys, we are starting to out the plans that we've been thinking about for year into motion (finally) and so many of my close friends are getting engaged - it's all really exciting! I also have lots of summer plans, including a weekend in Edinburgh, a trip to Sirdar, Star Wars Celebration and, of course, Manchester Comic Con.

So, all in all, everything is going well I think and I am keeping very busy. Much busier than I was a few months ago, and this is great! I want to be busy, I'm socialising more and I have as many ideas as ever bursting out of my head.

The only thing is I have too many ideas almost and I find myself worrying that I won't get the time to do everything I want to. And that's true - as any knitter and crocheter knows, there are simply TOO MANY wonderful patterns and yarns to try and not enough hours in the day!! There is a danger that this might upset you (it upsets me sometimes) more than you think it should, after all, we are only human and we can't do everything.

This post, as I sit and type it, is taking a different turn from what I envisioned it would. I realised last night as I was thinking about the cable blanket that I want to knit, that it just wasn't going to work with the yarn I had and if I persisted I would get wound up and feel like I had wasted my time. This project is worth the use of an existing pattern and the right yarn. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I thought I would be upset, but that I wasn't and instead I was excited because now I can crochet a cardigan with the yarn instead! :)

Realising that made me realise I was upset with myself about not blogging as much as I want to, because as I said before, there just isn't enough time in the day to get to work on all the patterns and projects I want to, while making sure I maintain a healthy lifestyle and full time job. I was worried I was running out of things to say or ideas to share.

That does upset me, but it is something out of my control and it's important that our hobbies not become out chores. Instead, I feel better realising that I do have plenty, if not an abundance of ideas, that I want to work on and share with you, ensuring that I never get bored! And just giving voice to this is liberating.

It's also the ability to be able to acknowledge that something that was good for you at one time in life, isn't so much so now and its ok to let go. This may sound dramatic compared to the blog-analogy I am about to make, but we learn in the strangest of places! Last year I really got into my monthly craft challenges (or 'craft challenges') and they spurred me on to try new things. This year I kept them up for 5 months, but each month I didn't quite manage something and I felt I had let myself down or not achieved something. But the truth is I know I achieve, though perhaps not as much as some in everyday life, more than others in my creative pursuits, and I love what I do achieve when I know its something I want to do and do well, and not for someone else or because I see how someone does something and I feel I should do the same.
a path worthy of the Shire, close to where I work; I'm always nervous that a black rider will pounce on me at any moment!
So you see, the lessons that I learn from these small realisations (don't worry about a self imposed blanket pattern, and stop doing crafty challenges) may seem on overly dramatic interpretation towards day-to-day life, but if that's the lesson I have gleaned and I feel wiser for knowing it, I'm grabbing it by the hand and taking it out for pizza!

You might take nothing from this, or you might see yourself in some of the rambling points I've made above, and just feel a little vindicated that someone feels the same way that you do! It's ironic that this long outpouring has come around because, in all honestly, I though it was time for another blog post - talk about an odd, mildly hypocritical cycle (!) but hey, it works for me. 

And it seems to work for the blog, because I've reached over 200 Bloglovin' followers! When I thought I was perhaps not giving the blog the attention I used to, or that it deserved, it seems that some of you lovely readers (old and new) clearly thought otherwise! Thanks everyone who has given me a follow, and here is to the next 200, eh? :)

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Well done for bearing with me through this 'soul searching' blog post, and don't worry there are plenty more blog posts, patterns and inane ramblings yet to come! The next projects to be shared will be a baby blanket (commissioned by a friend) and maybe something small for Fathers Day (sh - don't tell my dad!). 

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