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space invaders baby blanket - free crochet pattern

As promised last week, here is your free crochet pattern to make your very own Space Invader Baby Blanket, perhaps for a little one of your own or as a gift for someone who is expecting! The blanket is made up of individual mini-granny squares, crocheted to a small scale to allow for the detail of the character on the blanket, inspired by the classic game Space Invaders. 

The finished blanket is 102cm x 76cm (40" x 30") - close to 'stroller' size, following chart A.

I have provided two charts for the blanket - chart A is pictured, chart B has an additional border of squares to finish the blanket and the finished size will be approximately 112cm x 86cm (44" x 34") close to 'receiving' size.

The instructions are written in US crochet terms.

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4mm hook
500g of Aran weight baby yarn in colour A (white) - allow 250g extra if following chart B
500g of Aran weight baby yarn in colour B (red)
Tapestry needle

Gauge/Tension = 5cm x 5cm finished mini-granny square dimensions, following pattern below


First, choose which blanket you would like to make (using one of the below charts)

CHART A  - blanket pictured above follows this chart

Squares required;
Colour A (white) - 134
Colour B (red) - 100


Squares required;
Colour A (white) - 200
Colour B (red) - 100
Once you have decided which chart to follow, follow the instructions below on how to make the individual granny squares.
Mini-Granny Square pattern
Note dc = double crochet

1) chain 4 stitches, as above

2) join last stitch to first to create a loop, then chain 3 stitches (counts as 1dc), as above
3) 2dc in the hole created by the first chain, which was joined
4) chain 1, 3dc in the same hole as step 3
5) repeat step 4 2 more times
6) slip stitch last stitch to top of chain 3, as below

7) chain 3 stitches (counts as 1dc), then 2 dc into the same gap at the botton of the chain
8) 3 dc into the same gap - you should have 6dc in one corner
9) chain 1, 3dc into next gap (3 dc away), chain 1, 3dc into the same gap (again you should have 6 dc)
10) repeat step 9 2 more times
11) slip stitch last stitch into top of chain 3 and fasten off, as below
12) weave in ends - your mini-granny square is complete! Now repeat many times.

You can either join squares as you go along, or you can do what I did, and crochet these babies on the bus, train, on your lunch break, watching TV etc. until you have the 234 or 300 you need to complete the blanket.

Once you have all the squares ready to sew together, or if you are sewing as you crochet, print off the chart that you need, and stitch the squares together using mattress stitch - here is a tutorial for this joining technique - and mark off on the chart what you have sewn together. I recommend starting from the top left corner of the chart and working out. 

After all the squares are sewn together and the ends woven in and trimmed, join your yarn to the top right hand corner and single crochet along the edge of the blanket, making sure to sc3 in each corner to turn. 

When you have gone round the blanket once, single crochet along the edge again, again making sure to sc3 in each corner. When back at the beginning fasten off and weave in your end. You should have 2 sc broders around the blanket now.

Wash and steam according to your yarn label's instructions. 

And now you are finished!! I hope you enjoy your blanket! If you do make this please feel free to share a picture in the comments below, or share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

This pattern is for personal use only, please do not sell items made from this pattern. Please do not publish this pattern as your own/without permission.

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