Tuesday, 5 July 2016

I'm a columnist!

forgive the awesome filtered selfie - can you spot the Moogle Christmas decoration in the background?
Beady eyed readers will have seen in the last yarn along post that I mentioned I had a couple pieces of exciting news to share with you. The beadier-eyed (that's right, isn't it?) readers will have spotted the new button on the sidebar, just there. 

Well the culmination of these clues is that I now write a regular column in Inside Magazines, called Diary of a geeky knitter!

First things first; full disclosure, I do work for Inside Magazines, and have been doing so for 3 years in September. I started off as Administration Assistant, and although this is still my title it's safe to admit that I do a bit more than admin, including managing deliveries and editing 3 issues of the magazines whilst one of the editors was away. 

I have done some writing for the magazines in the past, and we have before brushed upon the idea that I could write regularly. However Inside Magazines is a free, A5 community driven publication (one that you get posted through the letterbox) and my interests in knitting didn't seem to quite 'fit' in with local community news. The longer I've been here though, and the more that Claire and Garth (the co-editors of the magazines) have seen my writing and come to know me, they suggested this idea again, to see if I could make something work in the magazine. Something that I simultaneously enjoy working on, while using the page to support my blog - which they know is my largest passion and driving force behind pretty much everything I want to achieve in the future - and also introducing a new element into our publication. 

This time I knew I could write something regularly and of interest (I hope) for knitters and non-knitters alike. Not only that, but I wanted to write a column; moving into editing and editorial is something I am really passionate about, and if it can be knitting related all the better!

And with that, the first instalment of the article was printed in our July/August magazines - out for delivery now! If you don't live in one of our catchment areas don't worry - you can read my page here, simply flick through the magazine for a couple of pages and you will spot me :) The magazines are bi-monthly, but we do publish something every month, so I may aim to write monthly rather than every 2 months. 

I really appreciate the opportunity to do this and I can't wait to work on the next article already. I've already had some really great feedback about the page and just hope that more people will enjoy it. 

Stay tuned for one more announcement, coming soon!

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