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star wars celebration europe 2016

waiting in line to enter the convention centre on Saturday morning
finishing touches on Saturday morning!
Well, the day finally came - Ben and I attended Star Wars Celebration in London on Saturday 16 July and we had a fantastic day! I bought our tickets almost a year ago now, and spent the last couple of months frantically working on our costumes, but it all came together in the end (just! See the picture of me sewing my costume on the morning in the hotel room, while off camera Ben was finishing his lightsaber) and we had a splendid day and I am on such a downer that it's all over now.

Ok, not too much of a downer, because in 5 days its Manchester Comic Con WOO HOO - see a sneaky peek at one of my costumes on Instagram. AND next month Ben and I are moving in together! Grand news that I am sure I will keep you posted on as we start the new adventure.

The Celebration itself actually lasted 3 days, and this was our first convention that we didn't attend all the days (previous comic cons we have had weekend passes, and this year will be no different). This was because at the time of buying the tickets we just weren't able to afford the weekend - it's an expensive weekend I tell you - but I definitely wish we could have done all 3 days. Next time (please, Star Wars Celebration, come back again!!) we will do the whole weekend no matter what.

You may have seen on the news that exciting announcements and guests were in attendance at this celebration - and indeed, they were! On Friday and Sunday .... do you see my pain? No matter - we go to these things for the atmosphere anyway, and I am sure (hope with all my heart) I can see John Boyega on stage another time...

Another error I felt we made was to not take our usual digital camera. Because we had to travel so much we stuck to our phones this time, and coupled with trying to fit everything in one day, I'm not as pleased with pictures as I would like. Alas, a lesson learned, and the day itself was brilliant which is what's important!! Hopefully you will forgive my images this time - will improve in the future, promise! :)

And so, on to the Celebration itself.

First things first - costumes. We noticed on the day that there really was a poor showing of cosplayers! I was frantically making sure Ben's costume adhered to as many rules of Star Wars costumes that I could tolerate, so that we wouldn't be laughed out of the convention. I didn't need to worry, we were some of the few people who dressed up (though this did mean lots of people took our pictures, which I was rather pleased about) and, I hope you agree, Ben looked AMAZING! He put my costume to shame, but I don't mind because - after all - I was the one who made his entirely from scratch. The whole process of making his costume, and for it to turn out so well, has really buoyed me up and I honestly think this is the end of us buying costumes, and instead (as stressful as I may find it) I will take the time to make them from now on.

I believe this particularly when, nearing the completion of Ben's sith costume, I realised my store bought one was pretty pants! So I made some adjustments.

Hopefully you will think I look pretty cool too. Here I am as Rey of course. The fit of my costume ending up being quite poor, because I only had time to adjust the existing one that didn't look so good. However I am keen to dress up as Rey again and will make the whole thing from scratch and even better - and will spend more time practising my hair! I'm most proud of my staff, which was another handmade item from scratch piece; a combination of a PVC tube, craft foam, string, and so much tape, glue and spray paint! One lady stopped me in line for coffee to ask where I bought it from, and I proudly said I had made it *smug*. If you want to make one as well, I used this blog post as a basis for inspiration, but pictures from the film help the most. 

Now, although there weren't a lot of cosplayers there, some of the costumes that we did see were absolutely brilliant! We didn't manage to get pictures of everyone, but we did see your usual Cantina band members, many a Boba and Jango Fett, and even some Joker/Jedi crossovers! My favourites have to be Queen Amidala (Episode 1 - ignore the haters, I do love that film) and her hand maids above. But the one that really steals the biscuit has to be Pikachu Boba Fett!! She looked amazing and I did a sequel when I saw her - I love Fett-crossovers! These Disney mash ups are my favourite.

A Star Wars convention wouldn't be complete without droids, props and some excellent costumes! This was just a selection of what we saw and found over the course of the day. In one room they had an exhibition of the costumes that will feature in Rougue One (I can't wait for this film!), along with character descriptions and information on what the costumes are made from. This was particularly interesting, now that I've decided to make more costumes. 

here I am meeting Karen Hallion!!
Some of you may know Karen Hallion's art - she is one of the artists that designs one of a kind, special pieces exclusive to each Star Wars Celebration. We knew ahead of time that it was unlikley we would get a chance to see any of the big stars or panels at the show, but when I learned Karen would be there I was over the moon! She is a US based artist and I love all of her work (check out her Facebook page for more!) and assumed I would never get to meet her as, although she does loads of cons, they are in the states. We bee-lined over to the artists' section on Saturday morning and I introduced myself and got a picture. I treated myself to the print for this celebration and she was lovely to speak to - the highlight of the day, for me at least!

There were plenty of stalls of goodies for us to peruse. We were very well behaved at this convention and only bought a few things that we really wanted. As well as the celebration art print, Ben bought an official celebration t-shirt, we both got a HUGE Star Wars bag (for dirty washing, in our house eep eep) and a mystery box, which included a BB-8 POP! figure, and more! Jolly good haul. 

I'll end here with these exceptional Lego sculptures - not much more needs to be said, they are pure awesome! I had an inkling that perhaps Star Wars Lego kits could be bought ... but we relented!

It was an absolutely exceptional day, and we had a wonderful weekend in London, eating too much and catching Pokemon in between. Here is looking forward to comic con this weekend, where more pictures are sure to be shared!


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