Wednesday, 3 August 2016

fo: baby glaceon

Pattern - Baby Glaceon
Yarn - various stash; double knitting weight 
Ravelry project page - here

I've said it before, and I will say it again (and again - I do hope you are all Pokemon fans!): I love Evelyn Pham's baby Pokemon patterns! Baby Glaceon is now the 4th that I have made, and I am on my way to completing all the Eeveelutions for sure!

Glaceon isn't necessarily one of my favourite Pokemon, however I do still love her (I've decided this one is a she); ice is one of the cooler Pokemon types, and some of them can be beautiful, such as Glaceon. The main reason I made her, apart fro the fact that Evelyn made her look so adorable, was that I actually attended comic con last weekend dressed as a human version of Glaceon! You can see some of the pictures of me in costume on Instagram, but a more detailed post about the weekend is forthcoming (and don't worry, I've not forgotten about my Space Invader hats!).

The costume was inspired by this image from Pinterest, and it worked so well in the drawing I really wanted to dress that way too. It was always in the back of my mind that I would crochet a little Glaceon to carry round with me for pictures, but these last few weeks have been crazy busy and it was only with some late nights and concentrated efforts that I managed to start and finish her in time! As well as make the costume too, but more on that next time.

As usual, the pattern pays great attention to details that other patterns might not take the time too, such as the subtle shaping of the face to build the nose and cheeks within the base of the crocheted head itself, and where your FO point should be placed at the end of each section of the body, so that you know how to stuff and sew the limbs together.

The colours I've used are perhaps slightly off from what Glaceon ought to be, but what with moving out soon (!) I need to save the pennies as much as possible, and used only what I had to hand. In the end, the different shades of blue compliment each other enough that I think I get away with them. They certainly went well with the kimono I wore at the weekend if nothing else.

I really can't fault Evelyn's pattern's, and can't wait to make more. You can see the other baby Pokemon I have finished by clicking the links below;

Baby Squirtle
Baby Eevee
Baby Jolteon
Baby Espeon 

Today is Wednesday, so I'm linking up with Ginny's Yarn Along! I'm currently reading Eragon, by Christopher Paolini. This is a book that I've read before, but absolutly adore, and so I'm re-reading it in anticipation of writing a letter to one, or more, of the characters for my creative writing blog - Letters to Fiction

And finally, I'll sign off with the fact that the blog, in the last couple of days, hit the 100,000 visitors mark!! Thanks for your support all you readers, old and new :)

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