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fo: knitted sheep baby blanket

James Gosling Photography
Pattern - Sheep Blankie
Ravelry project page - here 

In May, a couple of really excellent friends of mine got in touch to request that I knit a baby blanket for a friend of theirs who was expecting. They didn't know what blanket they wanted, just something hand knitted, that they could choose. Trusty ol' Pinterest to the rescue. I put together a selection of options, and we settled on this sheep blanket pattern, choosing green for the base because they didn't know the expected gender of the baby, but also of course that sheep graze on grass. 

Lion Brand Vanna's Choice is a brand I have used many times before, including on my Jayne Cobb hat, so I knew that their baby brand would be perfect for this project. I wanted something as fluffy as possible for the sheep too, to make them soft to touch for the baby, and to make them stand out on the blanket. James C. Brett Flutterby Chunky fit the ticket; I'm sure I've never knit with something so soft, and it's perfect for babies as there are no loose fibres escaping, as you might find in a bouclĂ© yarn or equivalent. 

James Gosling Photography

James Gosling Photography
The finished blanket is small and square, knit to a newborn size. The border is my all time favourite stitch pattern, moss stitch, and the main feature of the blanket is 24 small, fluffy white sheep, all knit in stocking stitch using the intarsia knitting method. 

I think the blanket looks really splendid, but I must say I am not really in a hurry to knit another! The 24 sheep are made up of 4 rows of 6, which means that when knitting the sheep I had to work with 7 balls of wool at once (6 white, 1 green carried across the back of all 6) and my goodness! The number of times I got in a tangle ... And the ends. THE ENDS that I had to weave in. But it does all look so splendid. 

Once the knitting was finished, I simply sewed the face and feet with some black yarn, and steamed the blanket to finish. I've only crocheted blankets before, so even though this is only a baby blanket it really was so satisfying to finish and I love the weight and texture of the knitting over a much larger area. I will be attempting to knit many more blankets in my time, preferably in one piece if I can. 

Thank you to James for taking the pictures for me! He takes absolutely wonderful pictures and does offer half and full day photo shoots. For more information visit his website or Instagram.

James Gosling Photography

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