Saturday, 1 October 2016

fo: bobble hat

Pattern - Bobble hat, from Knitting with Giant Needles (DK)
Yarn used - Phildar Shoot (discontinued, from mum's old stash!)
Ravelry project page - here

Good Saturday morn everyone! Today I bring you a quick knit that I cast on with Katy a couple of weeks ago, and I finished in a couple of hours - always an incredibly satisfying feeling!

Using a nice, chunky wool that I've had for years ever since raiding mum's collection of wool, this hat was knit up on 7mm needles. The construction of the hat, if you can see in the picture, was worked in a different direction to the usual. It was knit horizontally rather than vertically - which I really rather enjoyed! Short rows in garter stitch was all that was needed to shape the hat and define the hat band which was pretty ingenious, and it was only repeated over 6 rows so after a few goes I didn't need to consult the pattern again. Once it was knit to the correct width, it was just a case of casting off and sewing up the seam.

Like I said, the yarn I used was pretty old and so it was a touch scratchy as a result, however the colour came out as this wonderful, deep purple as I was knitting - even though in the ball it looked closer to navy. It was quite a pleasant surprise, particularly as I've recently dyed my hair purple so it goes rather nicely! It fits nice and snugly on my head and is bound to keep my head warm, if ever this weather turns cooler.

I opted for a contrasting pom pom, using a pink from the same Phildar stash that I have. Perhaps a little more pink than I would usually wear, I think they go pretty well and I was particularly keen to keep to the same brand of yarn, which I don't usually do when knitting from my stash, always resulting in mixed up tensions across projects. I know I know, tension isn't exactly important in a pom pom, but it's the thought that counts, eh?

The book that I knit the hat from is one I got for Katy for Christmas last year (I think?) - she is a beginner knitter so Knitting with Giant Needles (DK) was a great find; fast, easy projects to get stuck into and get used to knitting. Katy also cast on the hat in a lovely turquoise, though I rather took off in my knitting speed :) anyway, I can't wait to see Katy's finished hat and then we can go out on matching hat sister dates! Hehe.

Look out for a look at Yarndale, coming soon to the blog :)

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