Sunday, 30 October 2016

fo: edward's imaginarium monster; matilda

Pattern: taken from Edward's Imaginarium, by Kerry Lord
Yarn: various stash, including Stylecraft Special DK and Hayfield Bonus DK
Ravelry project page: here

Many crocheters will know, and love, the TOFT patterns such as Edward's Menagerie and just every yummy thing. I always love squishing their yarn at shows, though I must admit I've never brought myself to buying some because it's a touch expensive, but it will happen one day, it's just so squishy!!

The latest work from TOFT and Kerry Lord, is an amazing book called Edward's Imaginarium - a really ingenious design that gives literally endless crochet patterns! The book is a flip book, with each pattern using a basic head and body design, then you can choose head details/admendments, arms, legs, tails, and extras!! The most fun part has to be that the book has flip pages, you can aimlessly flip the pages, creating whatever monster takes your fancy, or use the gallery of around 60 pre-designed creatures at the back to inspire you. Lots of beautiful pictures and great techniques and hints fill the book, making this my new favourite pattern book ever!!

Let me introduce you to my first creation from the book - Matilda. She sits with me, on my desk, at work, and I just love the construction and designs in the book. She is long and thin and a little floppy, which I think are the best toys. I was inspired by Bella in the book, and tried to replicate the lovely long hair. 

I'm not too amazing at attaching or designing hair, so it's not as long as I would have liked. I did add lots of little braids so there is more detail to her, which I really like. I was determined to use 3 colours, but with hindsight I think 2 would have been better. This is something that I will bear in mind when I make another, and I will make so many more! I'm considering hooking 1 tonight, so perhaps a new friend will be shown soon.

Either way, I can't recommend this book enough - it fires the imagination magnificently and is so much fun to flick through. I can't wait to make more! It's also got me back on Edward's Menagerie and I might have a new friend from that collection to show to  you as well! :)


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