Sunday, 20 November 2016

fo: beau the unicorn

Yarn - ArtesanoMerino Wool DK and various colours from stash
Ravelry page - here

So I've actually made a number of Christmas presents so far this year, but as I am making a few I haven't been able to share them as I finish them, and last year I don't think I ever really showed the gifts as I made them - but I'd really like to this year! 

Here is one of the first gifts I finished this year for one of my best friends; Beau the Unicorn! Beau is the first toy I've made in Merino wool, and not just acrylic. MMMMMM no going back after this I swear.

The pattern for the toy is actually to be found in one of the magazines I now work on - Crochet Now. As a matter of fact, I came across the pattern while in the office and cheekily took it home, because as soon as I saw it I knew who I wanted to make it for! Designed as a baby toy and accompanying blanket, the person I have made this for is by no means a baby - my age, come on - but I am fairly sure she will like the present still! I know I want to keep Beau after all ...

Beau is a really great name for a unicorn, and is the pattern's name so no need to change it I think. I really love how the pattern uses the different colours to compliment the white base. As well as white, five colours are used in total; one for each of the hooves and the horn. These colours make up the mane which looks excellent! The pattern includes a really helpful guide to attaching the main - it's one strand at a time which made me worry it might looks scraggly, but the finished effect is realy good. 

And I'm not just saying that because I work there now, honest!

The tail is just three chained lengths that haven't been straightened out, only worked once along so they curl really nicely - a simple, straightforward effect that uses the different colours to their potential again on the finished piece.

All in all, I am really pleased with this present and he was a lot of fun to make!! As unicorn patterns go this one is one I would recommend to anyone looking.

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