Thursday, 3 November 2016

fo: georgina the hippo

Yarn: Cygnet DK (black mix) 
Ravelry project page: here
Another friend to sit with me at work, I crocheted Georgina the Hippo over a couple of evenings last month. I've had the pattern collection Edward's Menagerie for a number of years, but I can't believe I have never got round to crocheting something from it! I really can't believe how silly I am, the animals in the book are all so straightforward, but complex enough to add the detail, it's clear what each animal is, and they are all filled with character and sit in a cute way which just makes them perfect. 
I decided to make Georgina purely because I've never made a hippo before. I've made rabbits and bears and all the 'usual' toys, but she is just so perfect and looks the part, and her big tummy and nose are going to look so cute sat on my desk next to skinny and tall Matilda. The nose was constructed really well (or snout, I know not my hippo anatomy). Instead of finishing the section with a gradually decreased round that was sewn together, the head was finished with 18 stitches left in the round, then once stuffed and the yarn thread through each stitch in the round and pulled taught, it made this great, flat surface that was a really effective way of making the hippo! I do love easy, crochet techniques like that which make so many characters, crochet is so versatile. 

Even though I'm not a kid, and I have no friends under the age of 20, I have many plans to make toys from the Menagerie as gifts this Christmas! They make good desk buddies - at least, that's my story and I am sticking to it!

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