Saturday, 12 November 2016

who is gary kennedy?

Don't you love falling for a knitting designer who you've just discovered? Spending time (ahem, hours) indulging yourself through their Ravelry page and patterns, picking the ones you want to knit (let's face it, all of them) and the ones you will actually knit (possibly one if you're lucky and have the time) and just feeling really happy that you've finally discovered such a designer?
I recently had this revelation with a knitting designer called Gary Kennedy (Intarsia), who I stumbled across at work, of all places - yes, the perks of working with knitting, woohoo! A reader got in touch looking for this pattern from Gary Kennedy, a Timmy Cushion from issue 18 if you want to know, and after having a look and telling her where she could buy a back copy to access the pattern, I had a look at Gary's Ravelry (hope first names will be ok, much quicker to write!)
(c) Practical Publishing
At first glance, some of the patterns are a little unnerving - just take a look at William - but, if you just scroll down the page, OH MY LAMB my eye's positively bulged out of my head with excitement!


collage of Gary Kennedy (Intarsia) patterns, copyright Patons, Disney, and other publishers. Saved from Ravelry, collated by Jenny Riley
If you browse through Amazon as well, there are more of my absolute favourite cartoons growing up, such as Tom & Jerry and Mighty Mouse to name but a few. EEP I love them all! All of the patterns are, you guess it, Intarisa patterns (what gave it away I wonder) which I'm not good at, but I would learn for the chance to wear an iconic view of Snoopy chilling on his dog house emblazoned across my torso
Imagine, after my wonderous gaze had drank all of this in, my absolute heartbreak to learn that every one of the more amazing pattern leaflets are, unsurprisingly really, out of print. No doubt the copyright was up, plus the likes of Peanuts isn't as big as it used to be (but is still amazing of course nonetheless). So even if I might never knit these patterns, I still absolutely need them just in case you know, of knitting emergencies and what not.

Although out of print, there are plenty of avenues for me to explore; Amazon I've already mentioned, and on Ebay I've found CDs of knitting pattern collections related to these ones, so I think that's a way forward. Talk about retro eh, buying patterns on CD?Give me a PDF download any day.

With Christmas on the horizon, do I need more of an excuse to buy some? I assure you when I buy some for myself you will see them on Instagram. Also, does anyone have any of these leaflets that they don't fancy? Perhaps you have them and you've knitted them - I would LOVE to see them!!!

In the mean time, I will leave you with this fantastic Pink Panther Inspecter Clouseau sweater, knitted by Ravelry user MummyRivett #knittinggoals

(c) Ravelry ID MummyRivett

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