Monday, 12 December 2016

super chunky santa hat - free knitting pattern

Everyone needs a good Santa Claus hat at Christmas, and what's better than a hand-knitted one? We are so close to Christmas now, so there isn't a lot of time, but if you need a quick break from gift knitting to finish something quick and satisfying, this is the perfect hat for you. It takes just 150g of super chunky wool so can knit in 2 hours, and a great way to use some of your stash. If you need to buy wool it won't break the bank either.

This hat is knit in the round - suitable for knitters comfortable knitting in the round.

One size - adult

Tension - 9 sts x 13 rows = 10 x 10 cm / 4 x 4 inches in st st 


9mm dpns or circular needles
10mm dpns or circular needles 
100g super chunky yarn - red (pictured, Cygnet Seriously Chunky Mixes - Red)
60-70g super chunky yarn - white (pictured, Cygnet Seriously Chunky - White
Tapestry needle
Large pom pom maker

Finished size - apprx.  42 cm to fit a 56/58cm head (adult)


with 9mm dpns or circular needle, cast on 44 sts in white super chunky wool

Rnds 1 - 8: k1, p1 round

change to red super chunky wool and 10mm dpns or circular needle

Rnds 9 - 18: knit

Rnd 19: K1, *k5, k2tog; rep from * 6 times, k1 (38)

Rnds 20 - 21: knit

Rnd 22: K1, *k4, k2tog; rep from * 6 times, k1 (32)

Rnds 23 - 24: knit

Rnd 25: K1 *k3, k2tog; rep from * 6 times, k1 (26)

Rnds 26 - 27: knit

Rnd 28: K1, *k2, k2tog; rep from * 6 times, k1 (20)

Rnds 29 - 30: knit

Rnd 31: K1, *k1, k2tog; rep from 8 6 times, k1 (14)

Rnds 32 - 33: knit

Rnd 33: k2tog round (7)

cut wool and thread through remaining stitches

pull tightly and fasten off

weave in any ends

with large pom pom maker and white wool, make a pom pom and attach to the top of the hat.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

available now - space invaders hat knitting pattern

Well, it might have taken a tiny bit longer than originally anticipated, but it's finally here! You can now knit your very own Space Invaders hat!

A PDF download pattern is now available to purchase - visit my Ravelry store or my Etsy store to download your pattern.

Or, click the 'buy now' button to the right under the picture of the hat to be taken right to PayPal to download your pattern, no need to sign up to any online shops!

Just in time for Christmas, knit a geeky hat for the video game fan in your life! One size provided for adult size, 2 colour charts and yarn suggestions are provided, but the pattern will knit up to any DK yarn, perfect to use up your stash.

Visit either Ravelry or Etsy for more information, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.