Sunday, 8 January 2017

say hello to willow!

Pattern: taken from Edward's Imaginarium, by Kerry Lord
Yarn: various from stash, acrylic based
Ravelry project page: here
A belated welcome and a very Happy New Year to you, me, and 2017!! Here's to a brighter year, with fewer world-changing events if possible, and on a smaller scale, more blogs from the geeky knitter while I finally get back into the swing of regular blogging. I am still getting that balance between my new job, new house, and just day-to-day, plus with welcoming the New Year with the flu it's been a little quiet this side of the internet, but no more!
But enough about me, I am delighted to introduce you to Willow, the newest* member to the Conduit-Riley household! Willow is a giant Imagimarium monster, and we love her.
(*Willow was actually finished in November 16, and since then we may have bought some new toys, but this is beside the point...)
When I visited Yarndale in September, the TOFT stand had one of their giant monsters on show and I instantly fell in love. I did, there and then, enquire after the cost of the yarn to crochet my own but it was in the £95 price range and I couldn't quite justify that, even though I absolutely covet TOFT alpaca yarn, so beautiful and soft - one day ... But they were wonderful enough to tell me how to make one for myself, and also Edward's Imaginarium also includes the instructions on how to make a larger version of any of the creatures, and once I knew that I could do it, there was no getting that idea out of my head. 

Simply follow the instructions for a small creature, but instead of a 3.5mm hook, crack out the 8mm hook and chunky yarn! It does use up a lot of chunky yarn, and I am all about using my stash up so I didn't want to buy extra chunky yarn in. I did however have several balls of blue chunky weight which wasn't enough for a whole toy, but enough for striping with another colour. The brown stripes you see in Willow is actually a brown Aran weight yarn that I held double (boom!), the very same that I used in the Totoro jumper. I love knowing (roughly) how much yarn I need for a project now just be weight and sight, definitely a perk of constantly knitting!
I originally intended to crochet a little pouch on Willow's back, to hold a mini hot water bottle that we own, so that we can hug her for warmth when needed. I haven't done this yet, 2 month's later, but it's still a pretty good idea if I ever get round to it! If I don't however, Willow really is the perfect cuddling size when watching a film or TV and you want to just have something on your lap, like a comforting cushion but so much more fun.
During the day, while we are at work Willow will happily sit on the sofa and play a little Playstation until we come home and hog the TV ourselves that is. Willow stands a satisfying 84cm tall, and I look forward to making her a friend (or perhaps a few) because she is just so droopy and cuddly! 

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