Sunday, 26 February 2017

rainbow wensleydales

If the name of this post confused you, my sincere apologies but I couldn't really think of anything catchier. Hopefully though it was so incredibly intriguing you just couldn't wait to dive in and find out what's going on! 

I just wanted to give you a quick introduction to my latest cast on project (full disclosure, I can't stop casting things on and I have so many things to finish, waaaa love it) which is a beautiful Rainbow Wrap as featured in Knit Now magazine, issue 70. 

This happens to be the Best of British wool issue, and is jam-packed with beautiful projects knit in exclusively British sourced and spun wool. Looking back on my projects, you would see me as the kind of gal who will happily knit with acrylic and not blink an eye, but since working at a knitting magazine and being exposed to some absolutely beautiful wools and yarns, there is no going back. Which brings me to what I am talking about today - the scrumptious wool that the patten recommends. 

Available to buy from Home Farm Wensleydales, this pure wool Wensleydale and Bluefaced Leicester worsted double knitting yarn, from owner Jane's flock here on the farm in the Cotswolds, is luxurious, soft, and so beautifully coloured. This is one of those wools and suppliers that you just wouldn't come across through the 'usual' channels. I feel very privilaged that I work where I do, with such a knowledgeble editor that teaches me these great things, and also shares with everyone! As mentioned before, the pattern is in issue 70 of Knit Now (you can buy online here) and the wool is beautiful.

I was lucky enough to try on the sample at work, and I immediately fell in love, so I emailed Jane to let her know to expect an order.

It's going to be a loooong slog, this knit (only knit and purls) but it looks so splendid finished that it will be worth it - just check the Ravelry image

The wool is beautiful to knit with, soft and warm and very supple on the needles. The colours are bright, without being artificial, and blend so naturally together. I just wanted to make sure that this wool and pattern existed, and if you wanted to knit along with me that would be a lot of fun! I know this is going to take me a heck of a long time to knit, but I can't wait. It costs a little more than I usually (try not to) spend on wool, but believe me when I say that this is absolutely worth every penny. With the added bonus of supporting a small business too, boom.

So there you have it, a spot of yarny goodness to round off a weekend. Oh, and don't forget - sign up is still OPEN for the #biggeekyswap - just click the colourful button on the right and get your name down if you are interested!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

preview for free bear hat knitting patterns

I've teased a little bit about these hats on Instagram over the last couple of weeks, and I've been working on this pair of patterns since before Christmas. I can't quite believe how long they have taken me. I suppose with a *relatively* new job (I really can't used that excuse any more, it will be 6 months in March, I can't believe how fast the time has flown!) and house (ditto; passed the 6 month mark already) I can try and make my excuses, but really I can't quite put my finger on it! Nevertheless I am delighted to be able to finally share with you a preview of two free knitting patterns that will be hitting the blog in the next week!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

why, hello rowan

I couldn't help myself guys, I've made another creature from Edward's Imaginarium from Kerry Lord. I just can't get over the characters, the breadth of creativity, and also how much I love making GIANT versions of smaller creatues. Honestly, I feel like all crochet has to now be done on a minimum 8mm hook (if only yarn wasn't eaten up so easily/expensively, eh?) 

So, let me introduce you to Rowan - Willow's new friend. Ben had the grand idea of sticking to a forest/woodland/tree-themed name. It does just so happen that this also matches the name of, of course, Rowan yarns, but that's not why Rowan has this name. It just fit, you know? This does also rather open the door up to more creatures, which as ideas go, really doesn't upset me at all.

Rowan was actually made for my dear friend's birthday last month. Sophie, the lovely lady in question, commented one day that she liked Willow and in my mind I said "uh-oh, too late, no take backs, you are getting one for your birthday now!" - and so here she is!

Rowan was crocheted using 2 strands of Aran-weight yarn held together, and an 8mm hook. It was part Women's Institute Aran (purple) and part Hayfield Bonus Tweed (brown) and I really think the colours compliment each other very nicely, making a real woodland creature who, I am sure, would guide lost travellers in the night, and help lead poorly animals to nearby streams so they can drink and rest. Rowan has a good heart and will take care of you, and I hope she will take goood care of Sophie!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

say hello to my first published pattern

(c) Practical Publishing Int
I have something raaaaather exciting to announce today lovely, geeky knitters - I have my first pattern published in a magazine! If you come across Bagmaking Essentials in the shop this month, be sure to pick it up, have a flick through, and heck even buy it - because, as well as a whole host of fun and creative patterns for sewing, crocheting, patch-working, and knitting bags, you will see yours truly featured towards the back with a knitting pattern for the cheeky chaps above!

This magazine is one of the titles that the company I work for publishes, and I was really excited to be asked if I wanted to write a pattern to be included in issue 4. My pattern is called Monster Pals and is for 2 fun phone cozies, one designed for a beginner/all-level knitter, and the other for the more confident knitter. Even though they are monsters, they aren't particularly scary, but I'm a firm believer that the best monster's are the friendliest in any case.

If you look carefully on the front cover above as well, you can spot one of the cheeky monsters! These guys were a lot of fun to design - it's not often I get to work to a design 'brief' and it presented a new, creative challenge which I really enjoyed tackling and working on. If you want to grab a copy of Bagmaking Essentials, head to your local supermarket, WHSmiths, or grab it online from
And don't miss out on the #biggeekyswap - sign up is OPEN NOW!! You can read more information about it here, or just shout if you have any questions or want more information.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

join in the #biggeekyswap !

After the success of last year's Christmas craft swap, I've wanted to organise another craft swap for aaaages, but kept putting it off/being too busy/forgetting; basically every excuse you can think of under the sun, over it, and a little to the left.
And so, without further ado, I am pleased to invite any and all to join in the big geeky craft swap - superheroes!

I hope that this will be the first of many successful craft swaps, and so I've opted for the most broadly appealing theme I could this time (that is, of course, still geeky).

Here are some things to bear in mind if you would like to take part:
  • sign up closes 10th March 2017 and the deadline for sending your swap will be detailed after sign up closes, but it will be at least a month.
  • this swap will be open internationally, so please be aware you may be posting items abroad
  • any craft is welcome! Knitting, crochet, sewing, building, etching, painting, embroidering ... 
  • we will be sending out, according to the theme, 1 handmade item (think medium sized toy, something decent), 1 card or letter with a nice note, 1 treat of chocolate/sweets/tea etc., and 1 gift valued between £5-10.
  • you will be swapping with partners to be assigned when sign up closes. 
  • please only sign up if you are willing to put in some thought, time and effort :)

So, just click the link above to pop your details into a Google Doc, and then watch this space for more information!! If you are interested in taking part, or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me or pop a question down below as someone else might be wondering the same thing!

Grab yourself the button above to post on your blog or social media and spread the word, using the hashtag #biggeekyswap and be sure to visit my Pinterest board for inspiration and ideas for what you could make in the swap.

I can't wait to get started!