Sunday, 19 February 2017

preview for free bear hat knitting patterns

I've teased a little bit about these hats on Instagram over the last couple of weeks, and I've been working on this pair of patterns since before Christmas. I can't quite believe how long they have taken me. I suppose with a *relatively* new job (I really can't used that excuse any more, it will be 6 months in March, I can't believe how fast the time has flown!) and house (ditto; passed the 6 month mark already) I can try and make my excuses, but really I can't quite put my finger on it! Nevertheless I am delighted to be able to finally share with you a preview of two free knitting patterns that will be hitting the blog in the next week!

Before I start talking about the hats, I want to extend a massive, massive thank you to Yasmin and the team at La petite épicerie. Yasmin sent me a lovely email way back at the end of November (oh gosh where has the time disappeared to!) to say that they were fans of the blog (aw, shucks) and would I like to put together a photo tutorial/pattern if they were to send me the required materials? I couldn't say no to such a generous and kind offer, so I was sent the yarn I asked for from the shop, and hence my worry to get these patterns completed. Thank you, Yasmin!

We had a talk about what I could put together for the blog, and I had the idea to emulate my popular owl hat pattern into another woodland/forest creature. I wanted to stay away from foxes, there are plenty of those already, and settled on the idea of bear hats. 

I took a look around the comprehensive and oh-so-pretty website, and settled on some beautiful balls of Rico Creative Twist super chunky in 3 colours; Camel, Antracite and Nature. I've used the Camel and Antracite for these hats, and I am working on a matching pair of mittens to be able to do the Nature justice, as I don't think that will quite work as a bear hat - unless we go down the polar bear route hmm a re-think ...

But I digress! 

The yarn is soft, sumptuous, and a joy to knit with. The 20% alpaca content makes it soft and warm and yummy, and softens the 80% acrylic beautifully, to the point that it is easy to forget that it isn't 100% wool. Keeps it easy to care for as well which helps with something like a hat that might get rained and snowed on. The hats are warm and I really enjoyed working on the designs and patterns. La petite épicerie ship worldwide and have a great selection of Rico, Phildar, and much more yarn brands, as well as a wide selection of other haberdashery items, kits, and more. Plus, it all looks so pretty browsing is pretty fun too!

So keep an eye out this week for 2 knitting patterns that will be coming your way. I will share them in the same post, and there will be one suitable for beginners and one suitable for the more experienced knitter, with step-by-step photos for anyone who hasn't made a hat with ear flaps before!

I was kindly sent this yarn for free by La petite épicerie for use on the blog. All thoughts, opinions, and gushings of joy at the soft yarn are my own.

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