Sunday, 26 February 2017

rainbow wensleydales

If the name of this post confused you, my sincere apologies but I couldn't really think of anything catchier. Hopefully though it was so incredibly intriguing you just couldn't wait to dive in and find out what's going on! 

I just wanted to give you a quick introduction to my latest cast on project (full disclosure, I can't stop casting things on and I have so many things to finish, waaaa love it) which is a beautiful Rainbow Wrap as featured in Knit Now magazine, issue 70. 

This happens to be the Best of British wool issue, and is jam-packed with beautiful projects knit in exclusively British sourced and spun wool. Looking back on my projects, you would see me as the kind of gal who will happily knit with acrylic and not blink an eye, but since working at a knitting magazine and being exposed to some absolutely beautiful wools and yarns, there is no going back. Which brings me to what I am talking about today - the scrumptious wool that the patten recommends. 

Available to buy from Home Farm Wensleydales, this pure wool Wensleydale and Bluefaced Leicester worsted double knitting yarn, from owner Jane's flock here on the farm in the Cotswolds, is luxurious, soft, and so beautifully coloured. This is one of those wools and suppliers that you just wouldn't come across through the 'usual' channels. I feel very privilaged that I work where I do, with such a knowledgeble editor that teaches me these great things, and also shares with everyone! As mentioned before, the pattern is in issue 70 of Knit Now (you can buy online here) and the wool is beautiful.

I was lucky enough to try on the sample at work, and I immediately fell in love, so I emailed Jane to let her know to expect an order.

It's going to be a loooong slog, this knit (only knit and purls) but it looks so splendid finished that it will be worth it - just check the Ravelry image

The wool is beautiful to knit with, soft and warm and very supple on the needles. The colours are bright, without being artificial, and blend so naturally together. I just wanted to make sure that this wool and pattern existed, and if you wanted to knit along with me that would be a lot of fun! I know this is going to take me a heck of a long time to knit, but I can't wait. It costs a little more than I usually (try not to) spend on wool, but believe me when I say that this is absolutely worth every penny. With the added bonus of supporting a small business too, boom.

So there you have it, a spot of yarny goodness to round off a weekend. Oh, and don't forget - sign up is still OPEN for the #biggeekyswap - just click the colourful button on the right and get your name down if you are interested!

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