Thursday, 16 February 2017

why, hello rowan

I couldn't help myself guys, I've made another creature from Edward's Imaginarium from Kerry Lord. I just can't get over the characters, the breadth of creativity, and also how much I love making GIANT versions of smaller creatues. Honestly, I feel like all crochet has to now be done on a minimum 8mm hook (if only yarn wasn't eaten up so easily/expensively, eh?) 

So, let me introduce you to Rowan - Willow's new friend. Ben had the grand idea of sticking to a forest/woodland/tree-themed name. It does just so happen that this also matches the name of, of course, Rowan yarns, but that's not why Rowan has this name. It just fit, you know? This does also rather open the door up to more creatures, which as ideas go, really doesn't upset me at all.

Rowan was actually made for my dear friend's birthday last month. Sophie, the lovely lady in question, commented one day that she liked Willow and in my mind I said "uh-oh, too late, no take backs, you are getting one for your birthday now!" - and so here she is!

Rowan was crocheted using 2 strands of Aran-weight yarn held together, and an 8mm hook. It was part Women's Institute Aran (purple) and part Hayfield Bonus Tweed (brown) and I really think the colours compliment each other very nicely, making a real woodland creature who, I am sure, would guide lost travellers in the night, and help lead poorly animals to nearby streams so they can drink and rest. Rowan has a good heart and will take care of you, and I hope she will take goood care of Sophie!

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