Sunday, 28 May 2017

#biggeekyswap - superheroes

I've finally pulled my geeky-superhero-socks up and have a post to round up my swap with my partner/s! If you want to find out how other swappers got on, make sure to check out the hashtags on Instagram - #biggeekyswap and #biggeekycraftswap

First things first, Jennifer of Pastry & purls (corr, what a blog name!) sent me the above scruuummptious goodies!! In entering into the #biggeekyswap we submitted our interests, including preferred comic book universes and favourite superheroes. Wonder Woman has to be top of the list for me, and so Jennifer knitted me an adorable pair of Wonder Woman socks that are so snuggly! Along with this amazing gift, Jennifer sent over a couple of comic books (Rogue and Mystique are right at the top of the list too), some chocolate, a thoughtful postcard, and an AMAZING book - already struggling to decide what to make first!!

Read about Jennifer's swap experience here.

I sent out my goody-bag to Amanda, who you can find on Instagram here, and I had a lot of fun coming up with my chosen handmade item. Amanda wrote that Poison Ivy was possibly her favourite character, along with a healthy dose of Feminism (woop woop!) as one of her active interests. I had this vision of Poison Ivy in a Pussyhat - what fun she was to make!

I made up the pattern myself, along with some notes so I can get her up on the Etsy shop soon - though knowing my glacial speed when it comes to pattern writing, that will be a long time coming ... but hey, it's in the woodwork!! The Pussyhat pattern, of course, came from the project itself (I must knit myself one that I can wear...) and fits snugly on Ivy's bushy red hair. To finish, some amateur embroidery up her arm and leg finished the project. I am delighted with her, and happy to say that Amanda seemed to be too! The only thing I would change are her eyes, but that's one to work on later. A couple of toys, notebook and coloured pens, along with chocolate (mm) were sent to Ivy's new home.

So, there you have it - the first #biggeekyswap was a success! Watch this space for the next subject to be announced in a few weeks' time, along with sign up - if you are fans of Pokemon I highly recommend you stay tuned :) 

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