Thursday, 27 July 2017

#EnchantedCottagKAL Part 5

In case you hadn't noticed, I am a touch behind on my knit-along squares, or at least I am a little behind in keeping the blog up-to-date. In fairness to me, today I am bringing you part 5 in the #enchantedcottagekal and part 6 has only just gone on sale this time last week, but of course at work I've see sneak-peeks as far as part 9 so I feeeel behind, but perhaps we can agree to disagree.
Anyway! Here we are at part 5 - lace knitting. Man, I have to tell you the Hyacinth square was a difficult one, undoubtedly feeling more so after I cruised along last month with the crochet whirligig. At some points in this pattern, you had to p3togtbl (what an acronym) - purl 3 together through the back loop - after already yarning over and p3tog and doing a handstand...I did have to rip back my first attempt, and it took several pattern repeats before you could even see the pattern. But, as usual, once it took shape it looked rather good. Perhaps not my favourite square to knit (nothing on the galaxy spiral still!) now that I have it finished, I really have come to like it.

I'm pretty eager to start part 6 as soon as I can / finish one of the 5 other things I'm knitting - it is mosaic knitting, which I have never tried, and it will finally get some much needed pink into the rather earthy looking blanket so far :)

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