Sunday, 12 November 2017

today Matthew, I'm bringing you - a giveaway!

Good Sunday evening to you dear readers - I do hope your week and weekend have been lovely, and like me you are relaxing at home with homemade cookies, watching QI, and looking forward to the notion of a week at work without a short publishing deadline looming over your head. Last week was mentally busy for me at work, coming up to the final sprint of a run of 4 very short deadlines which resulted in me and my colleagues doing 5 month's of work in 4 effectively (phew) - so in  order to celebrate this wonderful news, I'm spreading the news with a fabulous free giveaway for you guys, for tickets to The Knitting & Stitch Show in Harrogate!
The show organisers approached me and asked if I would like to offer my readers the chance to win one of a pair of 5 tickets to the show, which takes place 23rd-26th November at Harrogate Convention centre - yes yes I know you all appreciate the opportunity to win :) I was also offered an absolutely marvellous ticket to head to the show myself, but it breaks my heart to say I am busy that very same weekend and can't go - but if you want to get a feel for how splendid I think this show is, check out my blog post all about my visit to the show a couple of years ago. I also was at the London show last month and it too was spot on. 
Shopping, workshops, knitting, dressmaking, crochet, and hundreds and hundreds of lovely like-minded crafters make for such a wonderful day, and I am so pleased that I can offer you guys the chance to win tickets today!
Scroll down to enter the giveaway, which I am running via Rafflecopter - click for one entry, comment for 2 more, and follow me on Facebook for 2 more entries - you could have your name in the pot 5 times, how brilliant! I will pick winners on Sunday evening when the competition closes - winner's will be contacted via email immediately so make sure to leave your contact details with me, and I will pop their names up online following the competition close :) 
Show opening times: 
Thursday 23rd Nov - 10:00am-7.00pm
Friday 24th Nov - 10:00am-5.30pm
Saturday 25th Nov - 10:00am-5.30pm **
Sunday 26th Nov - 10:00am-5:00pm

Enter below before Sunday 19 November - ** please note that winning tickets (10 in total for 5 winners) cannot be used on Saturday - the winner's details will be added to the show guest list and will be allowed to enter the show, with a friend, on their chosen day. If you can't wait, tickets are available now from the show website

Use the discount code GEEKYKNITTER at the show website here to get £2.50  off adult advance tickets (£12 instead of £14.50) and a £1 off advance concessions (£12 instead of £13)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks for entering, and watch this space for lots of exciting things happening in the world of the geeky knitter, AKA me, which include a published article, a knitting pattern (with 2 more) in the pipeline available to buy in shops (!!!) and of course a round-up of my fab trip to London Comic Con a few weekends ago. Happy knitting chaps!

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